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Dragon Nest Force User - Skill Builds – Level 40

I’ll first point out key skills in the Sorceress and Force User Tree

Sorceress Tree

Glacial Spike
It’s either at level 1 or 13.
It is a great support DPS skill to have as it gives you a chance to freeze your target. Frozen targets take increased damage.
It has a short casting time and cool down

Poison Missile
Have it level 1 or level 12.
See subsection for comparison.
Dark Attribute, fast casting and short cool down timer.

Mana Flow
A party buff that reduces MP Consumption by 20%, last for 60 seconds

Force User Tree

Gavity Ball/Blast
Level 9 at 40 cap.
I strongly suggest using the 20% Increase Damage Skill heraldry.
Notice that the ball deals 2 type of damage. While the ball is travellling, it deals small damage to what it is touching.  However after a certain duration and/or when the ball hits any obstacles/floor, it will explode and deal high amount of damage- chaose5

Triple Orbs
Level 8 at 40 cap.
One of the best DPS skill for force users, Dark Attribute

Black Hole
Level 2 or Level 4 at 40 cap.
Dark attribute, Crowd Control Skill.
Has long casting animation and cooldown.
Read Section 4 - Additional Information about Sorceress & Force User for comparison

Summon Comet
Level 3 or 5 at 40 cap.
High Super Armor destroying skill.
Read Section 4 - Additional Information about Sorceress & Force User for comparison

Gravity Ascension
Level 3 at 40 cap.
Dark Attribute, Crowd Control Skill. Decent Super Armor destroying skill

Meteor Storm
Ultimate. High Super Armor, Large AOE And Damage

Linear Ray
Level 1. Slow casting but has multiple damage.
Consider increasing to level 7 if you want the increased range for Pure PVP builds

Force Mirror
Level 1
Increases 20% magic damage received by the surrounding targets.
Read Section 4 - Additional Information about Sorceress & Force User for more detailed information

Spectrum Shower
Level 1.
Large circular AOE. Slow Casting
Has decent base super armor while casting.

Time Stop
Max level 6 at 40 cap.
One of the most powerful disabling skill in the game
Freezes your target for 10s (PVE) at Level 6

Beyond Time
Level 1 or 2 at 40 cap
Accelerates the cooldown of skills  (except beyond time itself) of everyone including yourself buy 80%
The core reason why you’re considered a support class in the game.

Gravity Spark & Void Blast
Very useful in PVP especially in combos.
I suggest to leave both of them at level 1

Gravity Trap
Very useful in 1v1 PVP against most classes except for A#robat
Slows down your enemy that would make it easier for you to combo or Time stop him while he’s under the slow debuff.
Know that invincibility frames are also extended when your opponents are under the slow effect hence this might be a double edged sword against classes like acrobats who have multiple invincibility frame skills
There will be 4 Skill Builds that I’ll share here
  1. Hybrid DPS (PVE/PVP)
  2. Dark
  3. Dark Smasher (DPS)
  4. Massive
Hybrid DPS (PVE/PVP)
This build clearly focus on variety of Force User skills from both the dark and laser tree. A lot of Force Users are using this build because of its ability to adapt tokboth PVP and PVE. You have your crowd control skills from the dark tree plus great dps skills from the laser tree.
I maxed Gravity Blast in this one. Grabbed level 5 Time Stop which I believe is enough for both PVP and PVE. I left my Summon Comet at level 3 so I could grab Spectrum Shower.
In the sorceress tree, you could either max your Glacial Spike or Poison Missile. I have a Poison Missile plate that’s why I maxed this skill.

This build mainly focuses on your dark skills. I max all skills in the dark tree but sill grabbed linear ray.
Max level comet (see part 4 below for comparison) and black hole.
Great dps in terms of max Gravity Blast and Triple Orbs.

Dark Smasher (DPS)
This one is my favorite build. It allows you to max both Glacial Spike and Poison Missile in the Sorceress tree. While in the Force User tree, it lets you try out Eraser which gives 75% damage reduction and max out Force User’s main dps skills namely Triple Orbs and Gravity Blast.

Massive type build is usually used in PVP. It enables you to to max out your dps skills but leave your ultimate untouched. I have seen few people using this build cause they still prefer getting Meteor Swarm or Eraser.

This is the end of the skill build section

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